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WarGate Books to publish NYT Bestseller Blaine L. Pardoe and Brent Evans’ LAND&SEA trilogy!

It was five years ago that Legionnaire first released. The book’s creation, and Galaxy’s Edge as a whole, was guided by a philosophy we refer to as “Without Permission.” We knew what we wanted to write, felt that others wanted to read it, and went after it.

We didn’t wait for publishers, taste-makers, or anyone else to give us a green light. We made what we wanted to make and the rest is history.

Today, we’re excited to announce our involvement in the work of two other creative juggernauts who are following a similar trail.

When Blaine L. Pardoe’s sudden cancellation from all current and future BattleTech novels became public, WarGate readers were quick to point out the similar audiences and the similar circumstances to Galaxy’s Edge co-owner Nick Cole’s own experiences in the publishing world. As Nick and I looked at what Blaine and Brent were attempting to do, we realized right away that our Leej community was right. It was a perfect fit.

We made an offer and, after kicking the tires, Blaine and Brent decided that WarGate Books was a good home for their property. You can read more about that decision here.

LAND&SEA will be the first science fiction trilogy published by WarGate Nova, an imprint we set up for just this sort of project. We’re looking at Tom Clancy with mechs, something new and fresh and perfect for our community and we couldn’t be more excited.

SIGN UP HERE to be notified to LAND&SEA’s release. You’ll also be entered to win a 3D model of the Lion Class ASHUR Rig featured in book one, Splashdown.

Good luck & KTF!

Jason Anspach
CEO, WarGate Books

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