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Galaxy’s Edge Insider Subscription

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Insider Subscription

The Galaxy’s Edge Insider Subscription Program Will Soon Stop Accepting New Members.

Monthly Subscription $10/moMonthly Subscription $10/moAnnual Subscription $110/yrAnnual Subscription $110/yr5 Year Subscription $400/5yrs5 Year Subscription $400/5yrs
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  • ADVANCE e-book copies of all novels set in the Galaxy’s Edge & Forgotten Ruin Universe. 
  • Instant Download access to over $150 worth of select e-books and audio books!
  • Galaxy’s Edge Insider Welcome Kit
  • Corresponding Subscription to the WarGate Operator Substack
  • Access to exclusive Insider social media groups
  • Special webinars and podcasts featuring Galaxy’s Edge authors and other creators
  • 30% off qualifying purchases fulfilled by the Night Market (Galaxy’s Edge Shop)
  • Loyalty benefits including exclusive patches, posters, and other items. The longer you stay subscribed, the greater and rarer the rewards become!


Note: We will stop accepting new Insider Subscribers shortly as our WarGate Operator subscription becomes primary. Existing Galaxy’s Edge Insider Subscribers will remain a special closed group. This may be your final chance to become and Insider!

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