Galaxy’s Edge Insider Subscription

Insider Subscription
$10/month or $100 per year

From: $10.00 / month



Insider Subscription

$10/month or $100 per year

  • Beta Copies of new Galaxy’s Edge & Forgotten Ruin Books–no need to wait for the audio-exclusive window to close, you’ll be reading first!
  • Listed in Honor Roll at the end of each GE series.
  • Get your name in the galaxy! Dark Ops subscribers will have their name immortalized in the Galaxy’s Edge book verse. Become a part of the fabric of Victory Company. Or, find yourself commanding shock troopers under the rule of Goth Sullus!
  • 2 Galaxy’s Edge Stickers + 1 Random Vinyl Decals
  • Access to exclusive Galaxy’s Edge Podcast hosted by Nick Cole & Jason Anspach
  • Special Galaxy’s Edge Insider welcome letter.
  • Annual Galaxy’s Edge Christmas Card – woot!
  • 30% off qualifying purchases fulfilled by the Night Market (Galaxy’s Edge shop)


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