SIGNED – Order of the Centurion Audio CD

Limited to 50. Signed by Jason Anspach, Nick Cole, and narrator Mark Boyett.

100% of proceeds on this item will go to charity.

All this month Galaxy’s Edge is raising money to help the fight against Veteran Suicide! 22% of net proceeds from every purchase made from the Galaxy’s Edge store will go towards getting our veterans the help they need. Plus, select products such as the KTF wristbands and Order of the Centurion Audio CD (signed by Jason Anspach, Nick Cole, and narrator Mark Boyett) will have ALL proceeds donated to a worthy cause.

A price paid in blood

“The Order of the Centurion is the highest award that can be bestowed upon an individual serving in, or with, the Legion. When such an individual displays exceptional valor in action against an enemy force, and uncommon loyalty and devotion to the Legion and its legionnaires, refusing to abandon post, mission, or brothers, even unto death, the Legion dutifully recognizes such courage with this award.”

Tired of sitting out the war on Psydon in a mobile office lab, Legion Lieutenant Washam agrees to undertake a covert and unsanctioned mission with a band of Republic Recon Marines. Inserted deep behind enemy lines, the strike force uncovers a surprise key to ending a bitter war. Now they must navigate a hostile jungle teeming with murderous alien rebels, pushing themselves to the limits of their abilities, to get this vital intel to Legion Command – if they can survive that long.

The Order of the Centurion is an all-new series of stand-alone military science fiction thrillers set in the Galaxy’s Edge universe, ranging from the Savage Wars to the arrival of the Black Fleet. Each book features the legendary heroes of the Legion who forgot nothing in their earning of the Legion’s highest honor.

Suggested Price: $50.00

In stock

Suggested Price: $50.00


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