Legacies Collector’s Charge Pack

Limited Edition!

Our first Galaxy’s Edge Collector’s Bundle celebrating the release of Season 2. Included in the bundle…

  • Signed First Printing of Legacies in hardcover
  • Custom “Charge Pack” Ammo Can
  • Exclusive GE Stickers
  • Exclusive KTF T-shirt
  • Legacies Season 2 Velcro Patch

Even better, your hand-signed, physical copy of the Legacies hardcover will ship ahead of the box!

About Galaxy’s Edge: Legacies…

Galaxy’s Edge returns with an all-new adrenaline-fueled season!

With his duty to the Legion satisfied, Wraith sets out to find a lost member of his crew – the young girl Prisma. Not only does the journey bring with it more death and destruction – and loss – than he ever imagined, it revives the shadows of a forgotten past. The only way forward is to follow the footsteps of the legendary Tyrus Rechs.

Meanwhile, as the galaxy struggles to steady itself following the fall of a corrupt and bloated republic, dangerous threats vie for power. Insidious deep-state operatives, vicious abominations pulled from forbidden savage technology…and something impossibly ancient, awakening at long last to emerge from the darkness between the stars.




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