Chasing the Dragon (Signed Copy)

Sized at 7 x 4.25″ this book looks and feels like the old sci-fi paperbacks we all loved to read back in the day.

And it even contains a vintage easter egg in the form of a mail-away for an early-bird action figure special. You definitely want this one on your bookshelf.


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They all want the Dragon dead.

The Dragon was trained from his youth to operate as a lethal killing machine. He has tangled with crime lords, dangerous insurgents, even Nether Ops… and none of these forces has been able to bring the elusive warrior to heel.

Enter the notorious bounty hunter Tyrus Rechs.

Rechs takes on the job as a favor to an old Savage Wars buddy. Only Rechs isn’t out to kill the Dragon—his mission is to save the kid’s life.

Unless the Dragon kills Rechs first.


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