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Banshee’s Last Scream e-book



Banshee’s Last Scream e-book


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Galaxy’s Edge Shop Exclusive!

Buy direct from the authors and receive a download link to get Banshee’s Last Scream in e-book format (your choice of .epub or .mobi).

Tyrus Rechs is Back!

When an elite Dark Ops legionnaire dies under suspicious circumstances, his former teammates suspect foul play. Favors are called in and the notorious bounty hunter Tyrus Rechs is asked to find out what really happened.

When Rechs uncovers a sinister plot that is much bigger than a simple murder, he’s pitted against a powerful, hidden, and protected form of corruption.

Now the infamous T-Rechs, a man who makes the scum and criminal elements of the galaxy tremble in fear, will hunt down those responsible for the soldier’s death…and make them pay.

Jason Anspach and Nick Cole deliver the first ever Galaxy’s Edge short story featuring Tyrus Rechs!

E-book orders are fulfilled by Bookfunnel.

This item, along with many other unreleased books by Anspach & Cole is also available with a Galaxy’s Edge Insider Subscription.

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