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Karen Traviss to write Galaxy’s Edge

The Galaxy’s Edge universe is expanding with the help of New York Times #1 Best Selling novelist Karen Traviss!

Karen Traviss Portrait
Karen Traviss

Known for her Ringer and Wess’har series and novels in numerous blockbuster franchises, Traviss will pen a trilogy set in the early stages of Galaxy’s Edge history and lore. She promises to bring readers “memorable characters, mucky politics, and ordinary people rising to the challenge of extraordinary events.”

Galaxy’s Edge co-creator Jason Anspach points out that it was the Galaxy’s Edge readership that made this unprecedented collaboration a possibility. “We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of books since the release of Legionnaire and have developed a great reader base of veterans and other science fiction enthusiasts. What we heard again and again from them was how perfect a fit Karen would be if she wrote in this world. I figured, ‘Why not ask?’ and decided to reach out and see if she was interested.”

“I suppose you could call it a meeting of brands,” recalls Traviss of the initial discussions. “We saw eye to eye on so many things that it seemed like a good idea – no, a great idea.”

When readers in various Galaxy’s Edge fan clubs heard the news, they went to social media with their excitement.

“You just gave me an aneurysm in the best way possible!” said former US Army Ranger Josh McMaster, a long-time reader of Traviss and Galaxy’s Edge. “I cannot wait… I just can’t even put it into words!”

The partnership of Traviss with Galaxy’s Edge co-creators Anspach and Nick Cole is an example of what Cole describes as New Pub—the business savvy next generation of publishing that seeks to bring readers the quality of the traditional publishing models, while maintaining the flexibility and fairness to authors the Indie Revolution was known for.

“It used to be that we all wanted big publishing contracts,” says Cole. “We wanted the fantasy of having made it to the Bigs. What the partnership with Karen signifies is that the allure held out in the form of a traditional publishing contract in today’s market place is just that… a fantasy. Authors working together and finding success in today’s environment are paying off their parent’s mortgage with one month’s worth of royalties from Amazon. That’s the reality and it no longer requires waiting for someone else to give you approval.”

The forthcoming trilogy will be developed for release after the conclusion of Galaxy’s Edge: Savage Wars.

Read Karen Traviss’s personal blog post regarding the new series:


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