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John Spears

John Spears at Forge Tactical gets his Legionnaire On!

John Spears, a highly respected member of the Special Forces community, and a devotee of Scifi, (with one series in particular) conducted a recent training video wearing some Galaxy’s Edge swag. He, along with his partner Chappy, run one of the premiere Law Enforcement Training Companies specializing in everything from CQB to Tactical Sniper Support Enforcement skills.  Here he is in a training video sporting a Legionnaire PT shirt for the 131st.
Forge Tactical’s Mission Statement
Forge Tactical is focused on supporting the mission of our nation’s armed citizens, law enforcement officers and military professionals through evolved, realistic training.  For a fighter to realize their potential then judgment, physical skills, weapon handling, marksmanship, leadership and aggression must be repeatedly blended and shaped in the pressure and heat of realistic training.  Forge Tactical helps fighters achieve this potential through the delivery of programs that guide the student through the building of skills into techniques and techniques into procedures.


What day is it kids? Why, the perfect day for Sniper Overwatch Drill of course!

Posted by John Spears on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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